Bintan Islands the next best holiday

Bintan is an island situated in Indonesia. It is a part of the Riau Archipelago, a sub-sector of Riau Islands province. The Tanjung Penang, the capital of Bintan, is the island’s main community located on the southern edge. The total area that the Bintan Island covers is close to almost sixty thousand square kilometres, and that includes almost 96% sea area. The Bintan Island Regency has been designated as the administrative body. The entire Riau Islands consists of almost six administrative regions of which, the Bintan Island Regency, is one. Bintan is an extremely popular destination for people who want to take a break from the rut of the metropolitan city life and its pollution. With unmatched scenic beauty and clean and peaceful surroundings, Bintan is fast emerging as a major tourist attraction, easily connected and reachable through modern day Singapore.


Singapore, which is the closest major city near the Bintan Islands, is just over 50 minutes away. Travellers can board the motorised catamaran available from the resort area of the Bintan Islands- a region across the north-west. Bintan has some International hotels and resorts to boast of. The most popular beach destination for the travellers is the Bintan Resorts, spread over almost 740 acres of land. There are a number of other beaches in Bintan and Indonesia but if you are coming from Singapore, you need to get Singapore ferry to Bintan Island. Bintan is promoting Bintan as the next best holiday destination, succeeding Bali.

The Historical check of Bintan Islands.

Bintan has a rich history, tracing back to the third century. The small island was previous a trading hub that would come on the route between India and China. It saw massive footfall during this period since India and China were both big countries providing a galore of items- which could not be found anywhere else. Owing to the strategic location and size of the Bintan Island, in the ancient times, this Island saw some great events taking place to make it a part of their rich history. The route of India-China was already very popular for trading, but since these islands would fall along the way, therefore this region saw a number of foreign invasions.

Taking advantage of this strategic location, Bintan, therefore, became a trading post before it finally came under the scrutiny and control of the Chinese and then subsequently, the British. Along with the local ethnic Malays and the Bugis, this region was dominated by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the Arabs, all at different times and for different durations. Finally it became a part of the Dutch East Indies after the Anglo-Dutch treaty in 1824. Around the twelfth century, the Bintan Island came to be known as the pirate island since the strait of Malacca, on which it was then located, was a hub for pirates to loot the ships sailing along.

There has also been a number of internal local feuds between the ethnic groups of Malay and the Bugis, further contributing to Bintan’s history and its straits.

Car hire guide in Malaysia

While on a trip, the most important aspect that people are mostly worried about is transportation other than the lodging and food aspects. Where the lodging and food concerns are easily taken care of, the transportation issue takes a huge toll due to the fact that almost everyone wants a private holiday, yet on a shoe string budget!

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Thus, some of the likewise guide to rent a car in Malaysia by online means is given below.

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  2. The glossary related to car rentals: Insurance excess is a word which one may find all over the place and it actually can be understood by a simple example. If case a person makes an insurance claim after an accident of 5000 dollars where the insurance excess is 2000 dollars, the insurer would pay 3000 dollars wherein the person pays the rest 2000 dollars. Collision Damage Waiver is an additional amount one can pay in order to reduce the insurance excess in case of an accident. Named driver is the person who is covered by the insurance, who is actually the driver of the car. Security deposit is the amount that needs to be paid to the car rental company and is refundable. The petrol policy talks about returning the rented car with a full petrol tank always.
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  4. Understand the “Terms & Conditions”: Time to really pay heed to this section to not be into a soup later on in a foreign nation that too!
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